To Promote and Celebrate Rockwood's Sesquicentennial

Rockwood is situated in beautiful Roane County, between the cities of Crossville and Knoxville. The town is easily accessible from Interstate 40, and Highways 27 and 70. The City of Rockwood was actually established after the Civil War when Union officer and geologist John T. Wilder discovered iron on Walden Ridge.

He returned with northern industrialists to begin mining and milling operations in 1868. Rockwood began as a company town serving the employees of the Roane Iron Company. The town gets its name from the company's first president, William O. Rockwood. As the company and the town prospered, other businesses moved into the area, thus expanding and diversifying Roane County's economic framework. Although things have changed drastically since the early days of mining, officials are proud of the many things the small town has to offer to its citizens and those visiting the area.

Rockwood 150 Birthday Celebration Event!

Here is the video of Rockwood's 150th birthday celebration that was held on Saturday, March 10th from 1:00pm till 6:00pm and on Sunday, March 11th from 12:30pm till 5:00pm.

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